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  • Why is VPNArea the best choice of vpn provider

    Unblock web sites, stream videos.
    From anywhere - speed optimised.

    Using our VPN service your Internet traffic will be sent through our servers which will often enhance your surfing or streaming experience. In case of online gaming it could also improve your ping.

    The destination web site/application it will look like you're in the location where our VPN server is.

    Buy VPN account now and say bye-bye to buffering.

    Why is VPNArea the best choice of vpn provider

    Reclaim your long-lost Internet privacy.
    Stop your Internet Provider from spying on you.

    When it comes to privacy in Internet, there are lions and there are lambs. Unless you use a VPN service all your traffic flies through the cyber space naked and vulnerable. From your Internet supplier to public WiFi hackers, there is always someone after your data.

    We encrypt your Internet traffic with unbreakable 256 bits AES encryption, keeping privacy intruders at bay.
    VPNArea is based in Bulgaria which allows for a “No Logs” policy. Our HQ servers and emails are hosted in Switzerland.

    Why is VPNArea the best choice of vpn provider

    VPNArea vs other VPN providers...
    Choose wisely - 12 reasons to go with us.

    These days VPN companies grow like mushrooms after rain, making it difficult for a new user to distinguish between good ones and bad ones.

    We’ve listed few features and highlights of VPNArea that really set us apart and outclass the competition:

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    Change IP to 54 countries

    Unlimited access to VPNArea's Big and Fast VPN network. Never oversold. High speed optimised.

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    Connect 6 devices. Share.

    Enjoy the service on up to 6 devices at the same time or share your account with a friend.

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    Speed Test

    Test Ping and Download speed to find out the fastest server for you.

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    'Server Load' Monitor

    With our software you can see how busy a server is before you connect to it.

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    Anti DNS Leak system

    This feature will stop your Internet provider from knowing the web addresses you visit.

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    Anti IPv6 & WebRTC Leak

    WebRTC & IPv6 could leaks your IP address despite having a VPN. Not with our software.

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    Shared IPs. No logs.

    Remain anonymous by using the same IP address as fellow members.

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    Unlimited bandwidth

    Don't worry about your data consumption, there are no limits.

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    In business for over 4+ years

    Serving customers since 2012. VAT registered company. We're here to stay.

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    Killswitch System

    Killswitch (if enabled) will protect your IP in case of VPN disconnection.

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    As low as $4.92 a month

    49% Discount if you signup for a year + 7 day money-back guarantee. It doesn't get better than that.

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    Thousands of hours invested in crafting the perfect software with many bonus features. Easy to use.

    Change IP (online appearance) to 54 countries
    Our own servers in 50 countries and counting.

    Over 200 servers for you to choose from in 54 countries. Enjoy REALLY impressive speeds on our servers. From USA & EU to Australia and Brazil the choices are many and we keep adding more. We never oversell access to our service unlike most vpn companies. You can easily find unoccupied servers and benefit from the speed of our vast infrastructure.

    Why is VPNArea the best choice of vpn provider
    Security & Anonymity with VPNArea Custom built systems.

    The threat - in most countries Internet providers (ISP) are required to keep a record of customer's activity for 6 months. Governments say it's for safety, but in our opinion it is not fair to sacrifice the privacy of all people for perceived security. The solution - our software neutralises this privacy threat by encrypting your data the moment before it leaves your computer with unbreakable 256 bits AES encryption.

    The threat - DNS Leak. While the VPN encrypts prevents your ISP from seeing your Internet traffic, it doesn’t stop it from seeing the names of the web sites you visit. The solution - built-in Anti DNS Leak system, which changes your DNS servers and stops your Internet provider from snooping on the names of your web sites.

    The threat - WebRTC Leak on Windows. A browser feature called WebRTC can reveal your real location even when connected to a VPN. The solution - built-in Anti WebRTC system, which fixes the leak and prevents web sites from discovering your real location via this feature.
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    Dedicated IP add-on comes with bonus private server
    - As low as 15$/year additionally.

    If you require a private IP address we can supply it as an add-on for as low as 15$ per year. Not only you will have your own IP but you will get a private VPN server, with all the speed for you, at all times. We can offer IPs in multiple countries, such as USA,UK,NL,AU and many others. To the best of our knowledge this is the lowest price out there and no other company offers a private VPN server as bonus

    High-speed-Addicts optimised
    We share your passion for Speed

    We know how much speed matters. Most of the servers are in Tier-1 data centres allowing for excellent speeds. Years of experience have taught us how to optimise our servers for maximum speed. Two different "Speed Tests" and "Users Online" feature which will help you find the quickest server.

    Unlimited Bandwidth
    No speed throttling or restrictions.

    No limit on how much speed you can achieve or how much you download. Enjoy limitless downloads on up to 6 devices at the same time..

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