Refund policy of VPNArea (Offshore Security LTD)

Refund policy

You are entitled to a full refund on a new order if all of the following apply:

you send an email to refund[at] stating your VPN user name and the request for your canceling the service;

your account has not already been suspended by us for your breach of our terms of service;

you claim your refund within 30 days of the sign-up date;

you are not requesting a refund for a recurring payment on an existing subscription, recurring payments are non-refundable. Money-back guarantee only applies to new registrations and new payments and does not apply to recurring payments.

you have not previously claimed a refund from us under this policy.

This Refund Policy is subject to our full Terms and Conditions. Refunds could take up to 48 hours to process, but most are processed within 24 hours.

If you paid via Bitcoin you'll also have to send us a Bitcoin wallet address or transaction id or CoinBase invoice number to refund you. The fee for the crypto transaction to process the refund will be paid by you as Coinbase does not refund fees.

The Dedicated IP fee is not refundable. Pristine Dedicated IP reputation is essential, once assigned Dedicated IPs are not reusable and we can not offer refunds for them. The membership fee remains fully refundable.

Purchases made via our iOS App, just like any other iOS App, can only be refunded under the discretion of Apple Support and there is nothing we can do to influence their decision.

Subscription Cancellation

If you have subscribed to the service you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to billing[at] or refund[at] with the text "cancel subscription" along with your username. If you have paid via PayPal you can also cancel the subscription from within your PayPal account in "pre-approved payments" section. Payments for 2 or 3 years of service and Bitcoin/ETH/BCH payments are one-off and no cancellation is needed.

Have some questions?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information: support [at] or via the 24/7 LiveChat.