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Questions & Answers

Will I get access instantly after I buy VPN account? It takes no more than 2-3 minutes for your username/password to be distributed among all servers. By the time you install our software you will already have access too all of the network.

How about Refund if I don't like it? Unlike other VPN providers our refunds record is impeccable. You'll receive your refund within 2 days of your request and we have never ever refused one. All you have to do is request it during the first 7 days after you buy the account.

Is this one-time payment or subscription? One time payment, just like you we've suffered from forgotten subscriptions for something we no longer need. This is why we have built our payment system on a single-base purchase. Example: If you buy a VPN account for 1 month and no longer want to use the service at the end of that month, just let it expire and it will auto cancel. If you want to extend your membership you will have to manually renew from within Members Area.

Is it easy to setup/use after purchase? Yes. We have custom made software for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and it comes pre-configured. Not only that but it also auto-updates server profiles and it even has speed testing so that you can see which server is closer to you. There are also screencast guides in Members Area and a Forum on which you can request assistance. You can also email/skype/livechat with us.

Can I really use VPNArea on 6 Devices? We're the only VPN provider that allows 6 PCs/Phones to simultaneously connect to our services. We also allow account-sharingwith friends/family/colleagues.

How often you add new servers/features? Approximately every week. We also constantly develop our software so your experience will get better and better with time. Not only that but on our Forum you can request features and servers and we will do our best to add them.

What is the "Dedicated IP & private VPN" option? The dedicated IP allows you to have an IP address and VPN server exclusively for you. Usage/Benefits:
- A web site requires you to have the same IP each time
- You want to be sure that nobody will damage your IP reputation
- You're required to specify from which IP address you will access a limited web site/service
- You'll get the full speed of the VPN server on which the IP is deployed for yourself, at all times
NOTE: Dedicated IPs rarely work for accessing streaming web sites anymore.
It can take up to 48 hours for the IP to be prepared and it will be listed in your Members Area under "Dedicated IP". Sometimes subject to monthly bandwidth limit.

Can I download torrents? We only ask you not to download torrents on UK, Australia, Japan, France, Singapore, Sweden, Isle of Man, Iceland servers. Naturally we also ask not to download any copyrighted content.

What payment methods are accepted? You can pay directly with PayPal or Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, American Express (AmEx), UnionPay, JCB. You can also pay with Bitcoin, Webmoney and Payza.