Frequently asked questions about VPNArea

What is the "Dedicated IP & Private VPN" option? The dedicated IP allows you to have an IP address and VPN server exclusively for you. Usage/Benefits:
- A web site requires you to have the same IP each time
- You want to be sure that nobody will damage your IP reputation
- You're required to specify from which IP address you will access a limited web site/service
- You'll get the full speed of the VPN server on which the IP is deployed for yourself, at all times
It can take up to 48 hours for the IP to be prepared and it will be listed in your Members Area under "Dedicated IP", but normally we deliver the same day.

Dedicated IPs are deployed on private VPN servers so are subject to monthly bandwidth limit, which is normally more than what most people need. Normally that range is between 500GB and 2000GB a month. Average usage per person is 50GB/mo.
Please note that this bandwidth limit applies only to the dedicated IPs, you would still have unlimited bandwidth to consume on the rest of our network.

For obvious reasons we would know which username owns which dedicated IP address, but we would not know which IP addresses use the VPN service behind the dedicated IP or when they use it.

Dedicated IPs are not refundable because we can not re-use them.

What encryption does VPNArea use? We use AES-256 cipher encryption with SHA256 to ensure integrity and 4096 bits RSA keys for handshake on our OpenVPN servers. In more detail:
OpenVPN Control Channel - 256-bit AES CBC cipher; HMAC SHA 256 auth.; RSA 4096 handshake; PFS with RSA + DH-4096; Data Channel - AES-256-CBC cipher and HMAC SHA 256 auth.

For IKEv2 we also use AES-256 with SHA512. It is considered that this encryption combination is a lifetime ahead of any foreseeable decryption technology.

What is the bandwidth limit if any? Bandwidth usage is unlimited. Only in the case you buy the additional package of Dedicated IP private VPN server there will be limits on your private VPN server, which will normally be more than what you need.

What does Money-back guarantee mean? We offer 30-Day money-back guarantee on 1-year, 2-year and 3 year plans. We have 14-Day money back guarantee on the 1-month plan too. It works by you placing a regular order and if you're not satisfied by the service, you can just contact the support team during the money-back guarantee period and we will refund your payment within 48 hours, but normally in less than 24. You can count on stress-free refund process, we have approved and completed 100% of refund requests of members who requested their payment back during money-back period.
The only fee we DO NOT offer refund for is the optional Dedicated IP add-on fee, because dedicated IPs are not reusable. If you order Dedicated IP we can only refund you 100% of the membership fee, but not the dedicated IP add-on fee.
The money-back guarantee does not apply to in-app purchases from the App Store, they are under the sole discretion of Apple.

Can I get an invoice? You can request an invoice within 5 days of your purchase. That's the maximum period up to which we are allowed to issue an invoice once you've paid. That's the Bulgarian accounting law on issuing invoices. When you make a purchase you receive a payment receipt from the payment system used. If you do need an invoice please email us: name, address and VAT if applicable to billing [at] along with your username.

Will VPN Area work in my country? We test our servers from various countries on a regular basis. In case you're located in a country with restricted Internet, then you can make use of Stunnel/Stealth feature which is the obfuscation technology we use to masq VPN traffic to look like normal https (SSL) traffic. Given that you experience any difficulties, just send us an email and we will do our best to provide a solution.

Is IKEv2 VPN protocol faster than OpenVPN? It is the general consensus that IKEv2 is the fastest VPN protocol and only second best in terms of security to OpenVPN. In our numerous tests we have observed between 20% and 100% faster speeds than OpenVPN. That said we offer both VPN protocols to our members, so you have the freedom to switch and try for yourself.

What is DNS? Do you have your own DNS servers? The Domain Name System is the technology your computer uses to translates a domain (ex. into an IP ( for example). Your DNS requests go to your Internet provider's server, thus revealing to them what web sites names are you opening. They can't see what you're doing on the web sites, or what data you transfer, but they can see that those are the websites you're opening. This is called DNS Leak. Our Apps come with Anti-DNS Leak solution and we also have our own DNS servers that record no logs. We have 2 different types of DNS servers you can choose from, one with ad-blocking feaure and one without. All are included in your membership.

What devices and Operating Systems VPNArea is compatible with? VPNArea will work on Windows 10, Vista, 8, 7 or newer, Mac (Yosemite up to Mojave or whatever the latest Mac OS is), iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android, All Linux and numerous routers. We also support native IKEv2 VPN protocol which many operating systems and devices like blackberry or windows phone support too. We have our in-house developed Apps with many extra features and enhanced security.

How fast is VPN Area? Roughly all of VPNArea's servers run on 1 Gbp/s connection and some on 10 Gbp/s. This means that we have the capacity to cover even the fastest of Internet connections. Apart from OpenVPN on which most our apps are based, we support IKEv2, which is natively available in Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and many routers. IKEv2 is known to allow users to reach up to 99% of their internet speed even though connected to VPN.
So if you're looking for a fast VPN you're at the right place.

How can I contact support team if I have a problem? Support is available 24/7 via LiveChat. You should not hesitate to contact us and you will be treated with the utmost respect and comprehension. Support can also be reached via Ticket from Members Area or Email. Response time via ticket/email is normally never more than 4 hours and most of the times you can reach us on Live Chat right away. Our system automatically activates accounts and we have detailed guides and instructions on how to setup the service, in most cases you won't need our help to get started.

Can I download torrents? Yes. We support torrent downloads on our servers and we have specially optimised servers for Torrents.

Do you keep Logs? Our company is registered in Bulgaria. Since we’re not an internet provider we do not fall under the data-retention laws in the country where the company is registered. Therefor we do not record or keep logs of your activity or any server usage logs.
That said we do not endorse any illegal activity, spamming, hacking or any sort of fraud schemes and scams or copyright infringement or illegal pornography.

What payment methods are accepted? You can pay directly with PayPal or Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, American Express (AmEx), UnionPay, JCB. You can also pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Webmoney, AliPay and others.

Where are you located? Our company Offshore Security LTD is a VAT registered company in eastern Europe in the Republic of Bulgaria. Our servers are physically located in numerous countries around the globe. Our web site and email servers are hosted in Switzerland.

What personal details I have to provide to sign-up? You need to provide an email, but you can use a temporary one like or others of that sort. Or it can be a non-existent too. You will not have to click on a confirmation link in order for your account to be activated. Please note that you will need access to your email to reset a forgotten password.

What is a VPN? Why do I need it and how does it work? VPN technology works intelligently behind the curtains of your internet connection, encrypting your traffic from the moment before it leaves your computer, so that even your Internet Service Provider can't read or monitor it. Apart from that when the traffic is routed through our servers and hits its final destination it assumes the geographic location of the VPN server. Therefor you may be sitting on your desk in Shanghai, China but you can appear to be in New York, USA to the web sites or services you're using. VPN is the world wide recognised solution and a must-have for people who care about their data transmitted over the internet. Encryption gives you a piece of mind that your communication is safe. There are a hundred more reasons to use VPN, security, anonymity, cheaper prices on some products, prevent Internet Providers from spying on you or avoid hackers praying eyes while you're surfing from a WI-FI connection. Basically using internet without VPN (if you’d allow us to do a lame comparison) is like driving a car in the year of 1930, you can still do it, but no seat belts, no airbags, it won't get you as far or as secure or as fast to your destination.

Who needs VPN? Everybody who cares about privacy or doesn’t want personal life or business data exposed to data-retention practices by internet providers. A businessman, a journalist, travelers, doctors, government employee, security enforcer, political activist, politician, lawyer, corporates, banker, investor, the list goes on and on, if what you do relies on privacy or security - you need VPN and VPN is only as reliable as the provider of it.

How to cancel a subscription? If you have subscribed to the service you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to billing[at] or refund[at] with the text "cancel subscription" along with your username. If you have paid via PayPal you can also cancel the subscription from within your PayPal account in "pre-approved payments" section. Payments for 2 and 3 years of service and cryptocurrency payments are one-off payments and no cancellation is needed.