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How to Setup VPNArea on Windows PC

1. Buy a VPN account from our sign-up page.
Our prices are the definition of a bargain.
2. Download and install the VPNArea App for Windows
3. Connect to one of the VPN servers. All done.

Now you can enjoy Internet but safer, more private and without content restrictions.
If you need any help we're available 24/7 via LiveChat.

Get your Windows VPN in seconds

Super user-friendly, powerful Windows VPN

Step 1

Download and Install VPNArea.

Step 2

Pick a server, or let the app pick for you.

Step 3

Click "Connect".

Windows VPN for PC

Download VPN Area on all Windows devices

VPNArea will work on nearly every laptop or desktop PC, below is an example of few devices we have tested

Compatible devices example:
Dell OptiPlex, XPS
Microsoft Surface
Optiplex 3030
HP ProDesk, EliteBook
Lenovo Yoga, ThinkPad, ThinkCentre
MSI GS65 Stealth
Razer Blade
Alienware Area

Operating system compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

If you're on a Mac or Android instead, check out our VPN for Mac and VPN for Android apps that are equally impressive.

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VPNArea Features you will love:

...or your money back.

Be Anywhere! Stream Everything!

Special Residential VPN servers will convince any web site in USA, Canada, UK or Italy even if it normally doesn't work with VPNs.

vpn account

Connect 8 Devices.
Account Sharing is OK.

Possibly the only VPN out there that allows account sharing with friends/family/colleagues. Use on 8 devices at the same time.

Change IP to 55+ countries

VPN Infrastructure in 55+ countries and 100+ locations world-wide will allow you to be virtually anywhere by connecting to our real, physical VPN servers.

OpenVPN + Top encryption.

We use the most secure VPN software - OpenVPN with best in calss encryption - 256-bit AES

Load, Distance and Speed Test

See how busy a server is before you connect. Perform a Speed Test or choose from closest in distance servers in "Recommended" tab.

P2P & Torrents are welcome. Unlimited Bandwidth.

You can download P2P and torrents content on all our VPN servers and bandwidth is unlimited.

No IPv6, WebRTC, DNS leaks

WebRTC & IPv6 & DNS could leaks your real IP address despite having a VPN. We provide built-in protections to prevent this. We also created the popular IPLeak.org site to help others spot VPN leaks.

no logs vpn

Our own No-Logs DNS servers

Your DNS requests used to translate domains like google.com into IPs are not logged or leaked to third parties thanks to our own DNS servers.

Stealth VPN / Stunnel

Are you in China or UAE? Our obfuscation option will mask your internet traffic to look like regular https:// (SSL) traffic with the help of Stunnel.

fast vpn

Super Fast VPN Speeds

We optimise our powerful 1+ Gbps VPN servers for streaming, gaming and downloading, thoroughly testing speed and performance daily.

Ad Blocking & Malware prevention

Optionally Block Ads and stop your ISP from seeing what addresses you visit with our DNS servers.

Unbeatable price - $2.99/mo

Get a smashing bargain with our 3 year plan. At $2.99/mo it is a clear case of rob-me-blind.

Get help & Support 24/7

Hop on the LiveChat at any hour, we are here for you to ensure smooth experience.

Strictly No Logs. Shared IPs.

We don't record any logs on our VPN or DNS servers. You'll also automatically benefit from extra anonymity by using the same IP addresses as fellow members.

best vpn

In business since 6 years

Protecting VPN customers since 2012 with pristine reputation. We're a VAT registered EU (Bulgarian) company. We're here to stay.

double vpn

Double VPN servers

When you connect to the Double VPN servers, your Internet traffic will go not through one but two VPN servers before it reaches its destination, doubling down on encryption and anonymity.

Sign Up and Pay Anonymously

All we require from you to sign-up is Username and Email. You could also pay anonymously with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

30-day money-back guarantee
Try our service 100% risk-free. No questions asked.

If you're not completely happy with VPNArea just let us know within the first 30 days of signing up and we'll provide you with a full refund.

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Dedicated IP for your Windows
Lowest price + Bonus Private VPN server

Do you need a Dedicated IP address? You can have it for as low as $19 per year. Not only you will have your own Static IP but you will get a private VPN server as bonus. We supply dedicated IPs physically located in USA, UK, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, Australia and few other countries. You can order your dedicated IP on the sign-up page. We guarantee you won't find a better price.