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We have listed few features and highlights of VPNArea's Windows VPN App that really set us apart and outclass the competition:

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Easy to use User Interface

Easy to use Windows VPN for beginners. Powerful settings available for the advanced users.

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Connect 6 devices. Share.

Enjoy the service on up to 6 devices at the same time or share your account with friends.

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'Server Load' Monitor

With our software you can see how busy a server is before you connect to it.

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Ad Blocking & Our own DNS servers

Block Ads and stop your ISP from seeing what addresses you visit.

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Double VPN - Streaming - P2P

Enjoy a range of specially designed servers for P2P, Streaming and Double VPN connections

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Speed Test

Test Ping to the server find out the fastest server for you. You can also pick server by distance.

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The Windows VPN App can auto-reconnect, auto-start, auto update and auto switch servers for you.

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Stunnel Support

Traffic obfuscation with help of Stunnel will allow you to connect from the most restricted of networks.

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Server Distance

A distance indicator for each server will help make your server choice easier.

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2 Killswitch Systems

Killswitch (if enabled) will protect your IP in case of VPN disconnection.

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Dedicated IP support

Connect to your dedicated IP and private VPN server from the App (if ordered).

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No IPv6 & WebRTC & DNS leaks

WebRTC & IPv6 & DNS could leaks your real IP address despite having a VPN. Not with our software.

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Sound Notifications

Be informed by a sound each time you connect or disconnect. Or not.

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Advanced Usage

While th App is made with ease of use in mind, for those looking for more control the "Settings" tabs provide plenty of options.

We go the extra mile to keep Members happy
We strive to provide excellent customer support and we listen to user feedback


Thank you again for your good work, im a member since roughly 3 years and im lost without VPNArea.

Dr C. Orsini

Excellent VPNArea!! Top quality 👍

R. Bee

Just wanted to throw some kudos to your service. Super stable and fast. Keep it up 🙂


1 Month

  • 1 month
  • $ 9.90 /mo
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6 Months

  • 6 months
  • $ 8.33 /mo
  • $59.4 $50 semi-annually
  • You save $9.4
Change IP (online appearance) to 69 countries
Our own servers in 69 countries and counting.

Unlimited access to over 200 servers for you to choose from in 69 countries.

Dedicated IP add-on comes with bonus private server - As low as $20/year additionally.

If you require a private IP address we can supply it as an add-on for as low as $20 per year. Not only you will have your own IP but you will get a private VPN server, with all the speed for you, at all times. We can offer IPs in multiple countries, such as USA,UK,NL,AU and many others. To the best of our knowledge this is the lowest price out there and no other company offers a private VPN server as bonus