Powerful VPNArea Chameleon software with perks

Easy to use. Change online appearance with 3 clicks.

VPNArea Chameleon for Windows

What is it?

Chameleon is a user-friendly OpenVPN-based software designed to offer privacy and content restriction solution. Not only it's pretty but it's powerful too. Killswitch, Speed test, Auto IP Changer, Anti DNS Leak and other functions make sure you're one step ahead. Most importantly, it's intuitive and easy to use even for beginners.

Any requirements?

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

Easy to install?

Just download and start the setup file as Administrator (right click). Once installation finishes start the software. You can also check the guide below.

Home (main controls)
The "Home" is where you Connect/Disconnect to the VPN servers. All you have to do is type in your Username/Password and you're good to go. We've also added some extra features for your convenience:
Current IP Address

Once connected your new IP address and country will be displayed there

Auto update servers

By default Chameleon will update the servers every time you launch it. We add new servers and replace some old servers regularly, so this keeps you updated.

Save username/password
Run on windows start-up

If you use VPN all the time those options are a real time saver. Click and you'll be automatically authenticated and your software will be up and running when Windows starts.

Servers & Speed
In that section you can speed test, change the connection settings and choose a server with all the speed for yourself only:
Speed test (ALL)

You can speed-test just one or all servers. The lower the "ping" the faster the server will be for you. In rare cases, a server can be faster than other even if it's ping is higher

Change connection settings

For advanced users only. From here you can switch to TCP/UDP and change ports too. Useful for users in China and other countries who aggressively block VPN connections


Click to see if there are other users connected to the server of your choice. If there are 0 users, you will have all the speed of the server for yourself

IP Address

Here you can see what is the IP address of the server, in case you need that information prior to connecting. (useful for Runscape gaming users, Craigslist advertisers)

Kill Switch (block apps)
This function will stop your entire Internet connection and protect you against exposing your IP in case of sudden disconnection.
How it works?

Navigate to the Killswitch section in our software. Click "Enable" and connect to a VPN server, if you get disconnected your Internet connection will stop working.

How to stop the function?

To start the Internet again just connect to a VPN server or disable Killswitch or exit the software.

Anti DNS Leak
Even when you're connected to VPN, your internet provider still knows what domain names you're visiting, because to turn a hostname (google.com) into IP ( the computer uses the DNS servers of your internet provider. With Anti DNS Leak you can change your DNS servers and check what country they are located in.
Enabled / Disabled / Apply

Click Enable to start using the function. Once you enter the DNS servers click Apply. Don't worry if something goes wrong you can always click "Reset to defaults".

Primary / Secondary

In that field you should enter the IP of the first DNS server. Secondary: Windows requires 2 DNS servers, just in case. Therefor choose an alternative DNS server from our "Change DNS" section and set it here. You can find DNS server IPs at our "Change DNS" section.

Check DNS Location

Once you choose new DNS servers and they work, click there to confirm in what country they are based.

Reset to defaults

If you wish to go back to your default DNS servers just click here and the changes will be reverted

Auto IP Changer
Some users find it useful to change their IP's often. It's what this function is about. Be it for advertising reasons, extra safety or to test which server works the fastest, you're now able to do it.

Automatically change IP address

Set the interval in minutes, for example if you type in 5, your IP will be changed to a random server every 5 minutes.