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How to get Dedicated IP for Windows or Mac

1. Choose a VPN Plan and Dedicated IP option on the Sign-Up page. Lowest price guaranteed.
2. Once you've paid our team will prepare your dedicated IP the same day. Other VPN providers take 2+ days and will charge you times more.
3. Download our Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android and add your Dedicated IP.

Your Dedicated IP address will be deployed on a Private VPN server as bonus.

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What is a Dedicated IP Address

Complimentary Private VPN server.
Choose an IP and server from 9 countries.

For 6 years now we've been giving away a free private VPN server with each dedicated IP order. Why? We want to make sure you stay a happy VPNArea member long-term, so at absolutely no profit we go the extra mile and we throw in your very own private VPN server.

You can choose any of the following locations for your IP and you'll get a complimentary private VPN server in same location:

  • USA - Dallas, Atlanta, New York, DC, LA
  • UK - London
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • Romania - Bucharest
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Bulgaria - Sofia
  • Canada - Montreal
  • Australia - Sydney
  • Hong Kong

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30-day money-back guarantee
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If you're not completely happy with VPNArea just let us know within the first 30 days of signing up and we'll provide you with a full refund on 1 year and 3 year plans. 1 month plan has 14 days guarantee.

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What is the difference between a shared IP and Dedicated IP?

When you sign-up with a VPN provider and start using a VPN server, you shared the IP address of the VPN server with everyone else. No exceptions, this is how all VPN providers are set up. If you're after more privacy, a shared IP is beneficial, as there multiple people using it at any given time, making it impossible for a third party to pinpoint a single user who was behind this IP. The flipside however is that many web sites and services judge a visitor/user's reputation based on their IP address, thus if any of the fellow VPN users did something to damage the reputation of the shared IP, you as a user could also be blacklisted by association.

If you however purchase a dedicated IP, you'll be the only person in the world that has access to this IP address and therefor you'll have full control over its reputation.
Since VPNArea is the only VPN provider who gives you a complimentary VPN server, you'll also have full control over the speed of the VPN server your dedicated IP is deployed at.
With other VPN providers, if purchased, you do get a dedicated IP, but you still shared the VPN server the IP is assigned to.

Why do people use a Dedicated IP?

  • It is the best way to stay in control of clean IP address reputation. If you're using an online service or a web site regularly you can rest assured that you won't get blocked or blacklisted because of someone else using the same IP address.
  • Having the same IP address always might be a requirement of a Network Administrator if you have to go through a firewall.
  • Online Banking and web sites you regularly sign-in to, such as PayPal, Apple, Binance and others, would not find you suspicious due to an unknown IP address or an IP with bad reputation.
  • Improve your Gaming experience, by making sure you don't get kicked out of servers. League of Legends and many other gaming communities use VPNArea's dedicated IPs since years.
  • Home Camera Surveillance - If you want to access your home server while away you can do it if your network is connected to your dedicated IP VPN server. Many Internet Providers give dynamic, ever-changing IPs to their users.
  • Hosting/Web Site Security - Limit the SFTP or Admin access of your web site to the dedicated IP and thwart constant brute force and hacking attempts by bots.

VPNArea Features you will love:

21 features you get with your VPN account

Be Anywhere! Stream Everything!

Special Residential VPN servers will convince any web site in USA, Canada, UK or Italy even if it normally doesn't work with VPNs.

vpn account

Connect 6 Devices.
Account Sharing is OK.

Possibly the only VPN out there that allows account sharing with friends/family/colleagues. Use on 6 devices at the same time.

Change IP to 65+ countries

VPN Infrastructure in 65 countries and 100+ locations world-wide will allow you to be virtually anywhere by connecting to our real, physical VPN servers.

fast vpn

Super Fast VPN Speeds

We optimise our powerful 1+ Gbps VPN servers for streaming, gaming and downloading, thoroughly testing speed and performance daily.

Get help & Support 24/7

Hop on the LiveChat at any hour, we are here for you to ensure smooth experience.

Unbeatable price - $2.99/mo

Get a smashing bargain with our 3 year plan. At $2.99/mo it is a clear case of rob-me-blind.

Ad Blocking & Malware prevention

Optionally Block Ads and stop your ISP from seeing what addresses you visit with our DNS servers.

Strictly No Logs. Shared IPs.

We don't record any logs on our VPN or DNS servers. You'll also automatically benefit from extra anonymity by using the same IP addresses as fellow members.

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In business since 6 years

Protecting VPN customers since 2012 with pristine reputation. We're a VAT registered EU (Bulgarian) company. We're here to stay.

double vpn

Double VPN servers

When you connect to the Double VPN servers, your Internet traffic will go not through one but two VPN servers before it reaches its destination, doubling down on encryption and anonymity.

Sign Up and Pay Anonymously

All we require from you to sign-up is Username and Email. You could also pay anonymously with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.