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How to save username/password with the Linux VPN app/script
Last Updated 5 years ago

With the current version 1.1.x, there is no readily available option to save your credentials. However, it can be done with a quick edit. Here is how to do it.

Open Terminal, go to the directory (using cd) where resides and execute the following commands as root (su):

cat > .vpnarea-config/auth

A ‘>’ prompt should appear. Type your VPNArea username and press ENTER. Type your VPNArea password and press ENTER again. Then use key combination Ctrl+D (hold Ctrl and press D) to close the prompt. After that, proceed as follows:

chmod 640 .vpnarea-config/auth
sed -i -E 's/(--config\s+\$serv)\s*\"/\1 --auth-user-pass auth\"/'

(Note that the second line is long and you may have to scroll horizontally to copy it.)
It is advisable to clear the history with: history -cn before using exit to return to the user account.
This completes the task. You should now be able to connect without having to enter your credentials manually.

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