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VPNArea for Mac - Change Log, Release notes.
Last Updated 2 years ago

Version 2.2 (3532)
  • Updated Killswitch logic to prevent traffic passing through during reconnection to any IP except to the one of destination server.
  • Updated OpenSSL 1.1.1o and OpenVPN 2.5.6 versions.
  • Improved server load retrievement logic.
Version 2.1 (3440)
  • Added Hardened Runtime capability
  • Update of core OpenSSL and OpenVPN versions
  • Removed caching of DNS
  • Updated Icon set design
  • Notarized DMG container and App
Version 2.1 (3308)

  • Added additional fix for some instances of DNS failure to restore original DNS servers.
Version 2.1 (Build 3299)

  • Added fix for failure to restore original DNS in some instances
Version 2.1 (Build 3245)

  • Refactor Dedicated IP View Controller
  • User can have more than one dedicated server
  • Fixed Dedicated IP server not being immediately shown upon creation
  • Toggle dedicated server buttons on selection
  • Fixed refresh servers logic not updating IP Address without restart if new server had same name
  • Fixed drop-down -> recent server menu selection
  • Moved flags to resource sub folder
  • Fixed Incorrect flags
  • Confirm launcher functionality
  • Check for incorrect DNS settings on start

Version 2.1 (Build 3087)

  • Aligned search-bar place holder
  • Made Main UI re-appear on click
  • Adjusted wrong colour on table selection
Version 2.1 (Build 2968)

  • Added OCLint target
  • Fixed stunnel related error
  • Added constraints to settings options
  • Improved country flags rendering logic
  • FileService is now a static class.
  • Fixed crash on server refresh
  • Added Stealth tab in main UI
  • Improved Stunnel configuration handling
  • Grouped mutually exclusive DNS settings
  • Created custom header box class(es) to strip down storyboards & repeated code.
Version 2.1 (Build 2656)

  • Updated OpenSSL version
  • Updated OpenVPN version
  • Limited Favourite servers to 10
  • Added auto layout constraints to Main UI
  • Fixed Fuzzy buttons text
Version 2.1 (Build 2576)

  • Fixed ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’ error on start up experienced by some users
Version 2.1 (Build 2565)

  • Fixed Stunnel library related error
  • Disabled OS X Mojave dark theme
Version 2.1 (Build 2558)

  • Improved public IP lookup logic
Version 2.1 (Build 2554)

  • Stunnel / Obfuscation support, fully automatic via “X-Stunnel” servers in Special tab
  • Improved flags handling
  • Fixed a typo
  • Improved logic of IP check request
  • Updated GeoIP db.
  • Better handling of DNS logic.
Version 2.0 (Build 2256)

  • Fixed a bug that would not restore “Automatic DNS” settings on Mac once VPN is disconnected.
Version 2.0

  • Completely new UI design in line with our new design on Windows with necessary changes to reflect expectations of Mac UI
  • Better installation process fixes rare installation issues in previous app
  • Search function added in main UI
  • AdBlock & Malware prevent option added that optionally enables VPNArea’s DNS servers that provide AdBlocking and block known Malware servers/sites
  • Automatic use of VPNArea’s own no-logs DNS servers without AdBlocking
  • Sorting by Distance/Ping/Load
  • Load monitor in % percentages
  • Added “Distance” functionality which will display approximate distance between user’s IP and the servers
  • Added “Recommended” tab which will display 7 recommended servers based on closest distance
  • Added “Favourites” tab which will display last 7 servers used by the user
Version 1.0.8

  • #147634441 – Upgrade OpenVPN to 2.4.3 (Statically linked binary)
  • Upgraded OpenVPN to latest version as a precaution for discovered vulnerabilities in previous OpenVPN versions, even though VPNArea is not affected by those vulnerabilities
  • #146211333 – Failure to save user/pass fixed
  • #144998647 – Added sound on Disconnect
    #144158577 – Fixed a scenario with a crash on Server Update
    #144164499 – Ensure only one VPN process can run
    #132540511 – Disabling the Killswitch should re-enable the interface

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