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VPNArea for Windows - Change Log, Release notes.
Last Updated about a month ago

Version/Build 2.2.0 (Filesize 21899848, 15 Dec 2022)
  • Updated OpenSSL library to 1.1.1f.
  • Updated OpenVPN to 2.4.8
Version/Build (Filesize 22173312, 24 Apr 2020)
  • Updated OpenSSL library.
  • Updated OpenVPN to latest version.
  • Improved DNS reset logic to prevent DNS lockouts during VPN interruption events.
  • Updated Installer Wizard design.
  • Moved Protocol/Port settings further up in Settings.
  • Custom DNS settings no longer require "Apply" button, they are simply saved and applied when exiting Settings menu if switched to ON.
  • Fixed an error that may show a server is unavailable during server update if an immediate connection is attempted upon first start of app.
NOTES: In the rare cases when users utilise custom static IP settings on WiFi or Ethernet adapters they have to switch "Anti DNS Leak/Custom DNS" off to avoid those settings being reset to automatic upon app disconnection.

Version/Build (Filesize 22890896, 19 Sep 2019)
  • Fixed AutoStart bug on some Windows versions
  • Fixed Balloon notifications bug

Version/Build (Filesize 22888376, 26 Aug 2019)
  • Fixed rare parsing issue of special characters during authentication.
  • Added color correlation between connection state and tray icon
  • Added new code-signing certificate - using Cyrillic name of our company.
  • Improved DNS restore logic
  • Added "Don't show this message again" option to DNS warning dialogue
  • Fixed Killswitch typo in description
  • Updated Geo IP DB for calculating distances between user and server locally
Version 2.1.0

  • “Refresh” button in main screen of app now initiates Servers Update along with the regular load and ping update
  • Added “Update Servers” button in Settings
  • Updated OpenSSl and OpenVPN versions to latest stable versions
  • Added last version of updated logo
  • Added TLS 1.2 support for connections related to obtaining server information
  • Added Dedicated IP server generation ability in “Dedicated IP” tab, allowing for user to add their own dedicated IP server immediately, instead of waiting for servers list update
  • Improved servers update procedure
  • Fixed icon rendering
  • Updated mirrors list
Version 2.0.4

  • Stunnel / Obfuscation support, fully automatic via “X-Stunnel” servers in Special tab
  • Fixed minimize/restore behaviour when clicking on taskbar icon
  • Some fixes and improvements in “ping” logic
  • Servers list update logic improved
  • Added version number on “Settings” page
  • Improved an aspect of disconnection logic
  • Turned sound off by default
  • Disabled auto-scrolling on Log page; instead it jumps to bottom when user switches to it
  • Improved TAP adapter handling of Installer
  • Installer: better handling of process termination
  • Updated GeoIP DB
Version 2.0.3 Released

  • Fixed soft-reset error (disconnects every 60 minutes/1 hour experienced by some users)
  • Fixed managing favourites list in taskbar
  • Do not update servers when network inaccessible
  • Fixed auto-startup logic
  • Some internal non-security related fixes
Version 2.0.2 Released

    • Fixed soft-reset error (disconnects every 60 minutes/1 hour experienced by some users)
    • Fixed managing favourites list in taskbar
    • Do not update servers when network inaccessible
    • Fixed auto-startup logic
    • Some internal non-security related fixes
Version 2.0.1 Released

  • Fix of “EJumpListItemException” error
  • Fix of “Invalid WMI query” error
  • KillSwitch activated on manual disconnect
  • Alert message when KillSwitch is activated
  • Sound notifications on connect/disconnect (configurable)
  • Balloon/tray notification on connect/disconnect
  • Placed “KillSwitch Firewall” above “KillSwitch Nuclear” on Settings page
  • “Exit” button renamed to “Hide”
Version 2.0.0 Released

  • Windows Service added to allow execution of app without Administrator privileges
  • Completely new easy to use and modern UI design
  • Load monitor in % added
  • Improved Killswitch
  • AdBlock & Malware prevent option added that optionally enables VPNArea’s DNS servers that provide AdBlocking and block known Malware servers/sites
  • Automatic use of VPNArea’s own no-logs DNS servers
  • Recommended tab added that shows servers recommended based on distance from your current location
  • Favourites tab added to show servers preferred by you
  • P2P/Torrents and Special tabs added to show servers that have particular purposes
  • Sorting by Ping/Load/Distance/Name in Servers List
  • Start Minimised option
  • Search function added
  • Refresh button to update load/ping stats
  • Dynamic latency monitor
  • 85% new code under the hood to ensure coding in accordance with latest standards of stability, security and compatibility.
  • Latest OpenVPN, OpenSSL versions included
  • New code-signing certificate with english company name

  • Improved VPNArea user/password credentials handling

  • Moved IPv6 disabling/enabling into a thread on its own to prevent a momentary freezing of the app.
  • Fixed inability to disable sound notifications
  • Reduced font size in servers list in the new server’s panel

  • Fixed Auto-Connect error on start up.

  • Fixed 1-2 seconds delay which sometimes happens after pressing on “connect” in the new default window;
  • Now calculated distances will be shown immediately
  • Fixed loading “Recommended” servers list when distance calculation still in progress
  • Fixed small delay in “VPN status” refreshing after connect/disconnect

  • Upgraded OpenVPN to latest version as a precaution for discovered vulnerabilities in previous OpenVPN versions, even though VPNArea is not affected by those vulnerabilities: OpenVPN 2.4.3

  • Added a new more user friendly design for the app is now the default interaction window on app start. Old design is easily accessible via the “Show Dashboard” button.
  • Added “Distance” functionality which will display approximate distance between user’s IP and the servers
  • Added “Recommended” tab which will display 7 recommended servers based on closest distance
  • Added “Favourites” tab which will display last 7 servers used by the user

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