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How to fix "Authentication error, please check Username and Password"?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Solution #1:
- Please make sure that you're using your username and not your email as username. When you signed-up to you entered a username like: johndoe31 and also an email like [email protected]
Make sure you use "johndoe31" and not your email [email protected] for authentication in the Apps when connecting.

Solution #2:
- It is possible that your account's credit is finished and this is why you're getting an Authentication error. Please log-in to Members area: using your email and password and check how many days you have left in your account. If it says "0 days" it means you'll have to Renew your account from within Members Area: before you could access the service again.

If you can't login to Members Area with your email and password you should consider resetting your password to a simple one for the purpose of troubleshooting:

Solution #3:
- If you've just renewed your account, it may sometimes take up to 15 minutes until your account reflects the newly added credit. Activation is usually instant, but in rare cases the card processor, PayPal or BitPay may take few minutes until they send our system the signal that your transaction was approved.

Solution #4:
Please try to connect to a different server just to rule out that there is an issue with a single server. This would rarely be the case, but still.

Solution #5:
If none of the solutions above apply, then please contact LiveChat, let them know your username and they'll either provide a solution right away or they will take down your details, open a ticket for you and our senior support team will fix this and get back to you via email and ticket reply.

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