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Strong enough for NSA and Bank of England.

VPNArea makes use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption with 256 bit keys to secure your data. It is the encryption of choice for banks and governments all over the world to protect their most sensitive data.

This titan of encryption and the thouroghly audited, open source VPN technology that we utilise to encrypt your internet traffic, ensures that with just 1 click your data will be as safe as it gets.

We also strictly don't keep or record any logs of your activity. We have 6 years of pristine reputation to prove it.

Best VPN 2019 Awards

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We know how to remove all roadblocks

We make certain that with our special solutions you will still have access to your favourite web sites and services, even when you're abroad.
We've been good at it for 6 years and it is part of the reasons why our members continue to renew their accounts, year after year.

Change your location to 65 countries

Virtually appear to be in any of the 65 countries where we have servers with just 1 click. Connect up to 6 of your devices to VPNArea with our apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. No bandwidth or speed limits, go wild!

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Best VPN 2019 Awards

Big names in privacy love VPNArea
We stay on top of Internet privacy

For 6 years we've been successful in protecting our members' privacy and we've been the subject of thorough reviews by countless number of experts and they agree that we're very good at it.

We know how to hide your IP address and ensure that it won't be exposed. We also created the leading IP Leak testing web site that the whole VPN industry is using -

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We go the extra mile to keep Members happy
We strive to provide excellent customer support and we listen to user feedback


Thank you again for your good work, im a member since roughly 3 years and im lost without VPNArea.

Dr C. Orsini

Excellent VPNArea!! Top quality 👍

R. Bee

Just wanted to throw some kudos to your service. Super stable and fast. Keep it up 🙂

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30-day money-back guarantee
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If you're not completely happy with VPNArea just let us know within the first 30 days of signing up and we'll provide you with a full refund on 1 year and 3 year plans. 1 month plan has 14 days guarantee.

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Why go with VPNArea?

There are many reasons, but here are few

Freedom & No Censorship.

Restrictions will fall like dominoes.
No more irregular restrictions imposed by web sites, internet supplier or firewalls.

Public WiFi Safety

VPNArea's encrypted VPN tunnel we will protect you from the immense risk that public WiFi poses to your data.

24/7 Support Team

Hop on the LiveChat at any hour, we are here for you to ensure smooth experience.

Super-Charged Speeds

With 1 Gbps+ speed on our servers, we are capable of matching whatever speed your Internet connection can throw at us.

Snooping Protection

Surf privately and prevent your Internet provider, employer, university or government from spying on you.

KillSwitch & Leak protection

Killswitch Technology ensures your location and activity won't be exposed if your Internet connection is interrupted.

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